Power Rangers Star Jason Frank Dies By Suicide After Fight With Wife…

This is almost funny so much bullshit omg. Never Fold. Stay Single Forever. Can’t trust nobody because they want you to fail so their so called friends can laugh about it. Make wack rap songs and movies about you, your family and friends. Everybody is doing shit to you because lies by your own family and friends.

Life your own life without them. Be supportive for people you don’t know. It wil make you more happy than trying to stay friend of familiar. Just move on. Leave them behind. Find yourself a good time. Life is over in a flash. Put God first always. Don’t expect them to contact you because they won’t. You’ll see. Strangers will give you better advise then your own friends and family. Actors are actors. They act to make money by using the character of real people who really work and really have a life. Those so called actors are no real gangsters. They are only making things up so your haters can laugh ever harder while they see their wack movies and their wack songs they made up. But it really doesn’t matter. Nobody has your back. Because we are all programmed by media. But you will understand when the time comes for you to see. Then you will understand that everything you do and think goes both ways. Choose to be good and most of the time you will have a nice day. But that time will only come it you are ready. Check youself, your triggers. What makes you happy. What doesn’t. You have to trust it will get better. Don’t go back. Don’t ever go back. Because it is only for their own fucking ugly ego. That’s how i lost my brother back in 1999. Love is wicked. Do go for it. Leave it far behind and don’t ever go back.


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