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Empire of Avarice



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The Kastanian Empire had stood for a thousand years. A decade of civil war and corrupt leadership has reduced it to a shadow of its former self. Beset by enemies beyond its shrinking borders and from competing factions within, it seems the end is near.
One man, though, believes the empire can be saved. Astiras Koros, general and governor of a province wracked with rebellion, seizes power and in so doing propels his family to the imperial throne. Astiras will have to display all his strength and courage to keep his dreams alive, for not only will he have to crush the rebellion in the province of Bragal, he will also have to purge the ruling elite of all opposition. It will not be an easy task, for many of his enemies are influential people, some of whom are very close to the throne itself.
He will also be forced to send his eldest son and only daughter on hazardous missions, tasks that will test both to their limits as well as avoid the killers on each of their trails. Isbel, Astiras’ wife, is left to cope alone with establishing the new Court in the face of rival interests, while her husband campaigns.
Argan, the younger son of Astiras, is thrown into the strange world of intrigue and conflict at the royal court, and the four year old has to try to adapt to his new surroundings, and the dangers that holds.

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