1-2-Switch Nintendo Switch Game

1-2-Switch Nintendo Switch Game


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Face each other and 1-2-Switch!Look at your opponent, not the screen!Detach the Joy-Con from the console, hand one to your opponent and bam! It’s game time!Anyone can play 1-2-Switch! Just lock eyes with your opponent and get ready to discover the many new functions of the Joy-Con, including HD rumble and advanced motion sensors. Team BattleExplore more games with Team Battle!Team Battle is a special play mode in which victory in a 1-2-Switch game pushes you along a game board towards your goal. After spinning to see which game you’ll play, both teams face off. The winning team moves forward on the game board. A great game mode for a competetive two-player experience, or for two larger teams to go head to head. Team Battle fires up the competition to get the party started.

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1-2-Switch Nintendo Switch Game
1-2-Switch Nintendo Switch Game
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